Why choose Nissan Genuine Oil for my car? 

Nissan Genuine® oils and fluids are rigorously tested as an integral component of the vehicle to meet highest quality, safety and performance standards. Nissan’s range of Genuine Oils contain formulations that give a superior performance and protection to your car.

What are the oil grads?

Nissan offers the genuine motor oil in two grads:

1- Fully Synthetic: 5W-30.
2- Mineral-based: 20W-50 (SN-) Oil,  
*Kindly refer to the vehicle owner manual to see which oil is suitable for your Nissan vehicle. 

What is the difference between synthetic oils and mineral oils?

The major difference is the chemical compound, as one is fully synthetic, and the other is mineral: The fully synthetic NGMO 5W-30 provides a superior engine performance and is extremely stable.The mineral based 20W-50 (SN-) Oil is custom-designed to improve the performance of Nissan vehicles.

When should you change our engine oil?

Nissan recommends changing the oil if you choose the fully synthetic 5W-30 every 10,000KM or every 6 months and if you choose the mineral-based 20W-50 then every 5000KM or every 3 months.

Where do I find Nissan Genuine Oil? 

Currently, NGMO is found in Petromin Nissan service centres and outlets.Soon it will be available at puncture shops around KSA.

What oil grade should I choose for my Nissan?

Nissan always recommends using 5W-30 since it’s best for efficiency and optimal performance.

What happens if you do not change the engine oil?

If the oil isn't changed, it will cause an engine failure. The most common issue is that the parts in your engine will become too hot. This can cause the engine to run less efficiently, and as time goes on, it can cause the engine components to warp and wear out.

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