Nissan Genuine Parts ®, Genuine Value and Genuine Safety

Your Nissan deserves the best Spare Parts and Accessories and the long term reliability, safety and quality justifies the cost of buying the very best for your Nissan Car.

The development of Nissan Genuine Parts ® and Accessories continously evolves so they are optimally configured for each model. Across the range, the quality and utility is proven to give you the most optimum reliability from your Nissan. 

So you can be assured that when your car is in for service, maintenance or repair, not only is it in the safe hands of experts who have genuine knowledge of everything that has to do with your car – you can count on lasting quality and a perfect fit every time.

Why Nissan Genuine Parts® and Accessories 

• Maximum Safety and Reliability
• Tested for best accuracy of fit
• Avalaible at a Competitive Price
• Covered for Warranty

Insist on Nissan Genuine Parts ® and Accessories.


Oil Filters

• Reliably remove all dirt particles from oil circulating through the engine and safeguard the quality of the engine’s oil supply under all operating conditions. Leading to a minimal Engine wear.
• Offer a high degree of resistance due to their stable construction, even in the case of high oil viscosity, such as during cold start phases or when atmospheric temperatures are low.
• Withstand load peaks of up to 20 bar (290 PSI), due to their pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant housings.
• Don’t let anything get past them. They are equipped with highquality sealant materials and precisely fitting connectors.
• Feature filter meshes that are precisely designed to meet the high performance demands of modern engines.


Brake Pads

• Ensure better braking performance and shorter braking distances, and thus provide optimal safety for a wide range of climatic conditions and speeds.
• Specially designed to match the vehicle’s weight and top speed.

This means that the material composition, the weight and the thickness of the discs and pads varies according to type of engine used.

• Can withstand extremely punishing conditions. Although the brake pads can be applied to the discs with a ton of force during an emergency stop, the brake discs will not warp or break.
• React reliably even under extreme operating temperatures.
• Operate quietly and smoothly. They produce no loud noises and no vibrations can be felt on the brake pedal.
• Provide a long service life when Genuine Brake discs and Genuine Brake pads are used.


Timing belt

• Made of high-strength synthetic and glass fibers. They have a wear-resistant coating and can withstand the rigors of tough, frequent usage under a wide range of conditions.
• Extremely heat and moisture resistant and can withstand temperature fluctuations ranging from polar cold to scorching engine heat.
• Work best with Nissan  Genuine Tensioners to maintain idealbelt tension at all times. This will extend their service life.
• React reliably even under extreme operating temperatures.
• Are generally replaced by Nissan together with their related tensioners and reverse-motion pulleys, since these parts are also subject to wear. Replacing these parts simultaneously is favored, because the labor cost of carrying out such complex work is thereby only incurred once. In addition, belt and pulley kits are less expensive than the sum of their individual parts.


Spark plugs

• Are specifically designed for each engine type and work reliably, permitting the engine to operate at peak performance.
• Provide a high degree of resistance to corrosion and deposit formation.
• Provide stable sparking due to finely designed electrodes and ensure complete combustion of the fuel-air mixture through rapid flame propagation.
• Reduce the voltage required for ignition due to low electrode wear. 

This means greater reliability between the spark plug’s specified replacement intervals.

• Provide very smooth running performance and driving comfort throughout the entire engine speed range, thus permitting precise engine responsiveness.
• Protect against localized overheating and resulting damage, thanks to their heat-dissipating complex design.
• Reduce fuel consumption and therefore emissions due to exact positioning of sparks in the combustion chamber.


Air Filters

• Are exactly matched to each Nissan engine type. They assist in ensuring that the fuel-air mix is free of particulate matter and precisely metered, so that the engine is able to operate at optimum performance.
• Reliably filter out all sizes of dirt particles in the air while simultaneously ensuring a precisely defined volume of intake air.
• Possess a high absorption capacity due to the engine-specific geometry of their filter paper folds, to their special paper embossing and creasing, and to their large filtering surfaces.
• Fit exactly into their respective filter housings and provide a perfect seal. This prevents any unfiltered air from entering the engine.
• Ensure that specified fuel consumption and harmful emission levels do not increase over time – benefitting both the environment and your pocketbook.