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Our Values

Petromin Nissan (Petromin) is a leading lubricants and automotive services company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operating four lines of business: oil lubricants, car servicing (Petromin Express), fuel retailing and car dealerships.  With more than 5,000 employees, Petromin exports its products to over 40 countries in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Operating in the Kingdom for nearly 50 years, Petromin traces its origins back to 1968, when the company built its reputation for producing the highest quality lubricants in the region.

In 2007 Petromin went through a change of ownership and the start of a journey that has transformed the business into the leading automotive services company it is today, with an unmatched reputation for the highest quality products and services in the industry.

At the heart of Petromin’s success is our commitment to maintaining the highest level of service quality and customer convenience.  Five values underpin our commitment:


We subscribe to honesty and responsibility to the global community at large.


We embrace our work with a thoughtful methodology and genuine commitment.


The conduct of our business, locally as well as internationally, recognises cultural differences and is respectful towards all its clients.


Petromin promotes ethics and flexibility of its practices to guarantee its position in front of the rapid-fire evolution of the global landscape.


We strongly believe that collaboration with the foremost experts in variety of fields is a key of success.



Be the leading company of choice in the Middle East and Africa region, providing quality petroleum products and automotive services.


Nissan’s mission is to provide superior customer service through innovative and sustainable practices. We strive to maintain a competitive edge by continuously improving our production and operational methods. We are committed to delivering excellent products and services, developing long-term customer relationships, and building a culture of teamwork and excellence.


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