What is the Nissan New Vehicles Warranty

To secure the customer's peace of mind and an exciting owning experience of Nissan vehicles, Nissan will guarantee the vehicle operation under certain conditions. We would like to inform you of a brief explanation of the NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY here to provide you with an idea of each customer's benefits. However, for details we would like to ask your confirmation in the Warranty booklet provided to each customer with the vehicle delivery.



Nissan, warrants that for a designated period of time or specified mileage as set out under the section titled "NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY PERIOD", Nissan will repair or replace any part on the vehicle (except for those items listed under the section "What is not covered") which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship free of charge, subject to the terms and condition of this New Vehicle Warranty.


New Vehicle Warranty Period

The period for the New Vehicle Warranty is the following designated period of time or specified mileage, starting from the date that the vehicle is first registered or put into service whichever comes first.

PERIOD: Extendable 3 year Warranty

MILEAGE: 100,000 km

For details please refer to the "New Vehicle Warranty Period" section in the Warranty booklet.


What Will Nissan Do

To help you secure maximum satisfaction from your new vehicle, all the delivered vehicles have been inspected and conditioned according to Nissan's new vehicle pre-delivery inspection procedure.

When the warranty applies, repairs or replacements will be made at no charge for parts or labor by an authorized Nissan dealer or nominated Nissan outlet.

For details please refer to the "What Nissan Will Do" section in the Warranty booklet.



For proper maintenance and care of your vehicle, the scheduled maintenance services are minimum requirements which should be performed at your initiative as outlined in your Owner's Manual and the Maintenance section of the Customer Information Booklet.

For details please refer to the "What you must do" in the Warranty booklet.


What is NOT Covered

Following is a partial list of conditions when the NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY will not be applied.

All tires and batteries are subject to a separate warranty, as set out in detail under the section titled "TIRE AND BATTERY WARRANTY".

Damage or failures resulting from unauthorized modifications or use of any non "Genuine Nissan" parts, accessories or equipment.

Normal wear and tear.

Damage or failures resulting from use of non-recommended, improper or dirty fuel, fluid, oil or lubricant.

Misuse, such as driving over kerbs, ober loading, racing, continuous drive after loss of lubricants, oils, refrigerant or water.

For other conditions, please refer to the "What is not covered" in the Warranty booklet.